431300/V01 - Pactrol Primary Control Kit - V9

Product code: 431300/V01
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Pactrol Aftermarket Spare - V9 Control for Elise, Esprit, Evo, Icos, Isar and Mexico boilers

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Pactrol Primary Control Kit - V9 
This part has been designed by Pactrol Controls to be a safe, reliable replacement for the current orange control box pcb specified by Ideal. 
It has been approved by BSI and is CE safety marked to EN298:2003 which is the latest safety standard. 
Pactrol Controls offer a 12 month warranty on the pcb based on the date code marked on the enclosure. 
This control must be configured for the particular appliance on installation - Jumpers are supplied and fitting instructions can be found HERE

The Pactrol V9 is suitable for fitting to the following list of appliances:
elise H 15 evo HE H19 isar HE 24
elise HC 30 evo HE H22 isar HE 35
elise HE 24 icos HE 12 mexico HE 15
esprit HE 30 icos HE 15 mexico HE 18
esprit HE 24 icos HE 18 mexico HE 24
esprit HE 35 icos HE 24 mexico HE 30
evo HE C22/24 icos HE 30 mexico HE 36
evo HE C22/30 icos HE 36
evo HE C22/35 icos System HE24
evo HE H12 icos System HE15
evo HE H16 isar HE 30
It is NOT suitable for an Isar HE+ Programmer.
It is NOT suitable for Istor
It is NOT suitable for any Ideal appliance installed using twin flues
Product Code 431300/V01