429100/V02 CSS2 STV 02

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CSS2 Digital Replacement for CSS. Replaces 406700 CSS 01-24

 New from Pactrol

Digital Replacement for CSS.
Replaces 406700 CSS 01-24

The CSS 2 family of cost-effective, gas safety controls is designed to satisfy the exacting control needs of a wide range of commercial appliances, where a fully enclosed, IP40 construction is essential. Pactrol’s proven record digital design has been applied to this comprehensive range of commercial controls units, suitable for a wide range of commercial applications including:

Probe Type: Single/Dual (Configured on installation)
Phase Sense: Yes
Voltage: 230V
Flame Sensitivity: 1 - 2 uA
Purge: 22 Seconds
Ignition: 12 Seconds
Rest Switch: None
Maximum Recomended HT Cable run: 1 metre
CE Approved
RoHS Compliant

Typical Applications
Commercial Boilers
Commercial Air Heaters
Radiant plaque Heaters
Commercial Water Heaters
Packaged Burners
Small Furnaces

N.B. The New CSS 2 base is different from the original
CSS base and needs to be changed to use CSS 2 in
existing applications.


Maximum dimensions of control are as follows:-

Length  - 112 mm
Width - 75 mm
Height - 120 mm
Product Code 429100/V02