429007/V01 CSi AMV 01

Product code: 429007/V01
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New from Pactrol Csi Industrial Control

The CSI range of controls is designed to meet the exacting standards of all industrial users, where safety, performance, reliability, and robust construction are paramount. Pactrol’s proven record in safe and reliable digital design has been combined with a comprehensive array of options.
Packaged in a sturdy housing, the control units are suitable for a wide range of industrial applications including:

• Large ovens • Industrial process dryers
• Kilns • Furnaces

Key Features

Suitable for Continuous and non-Continuous Operation
• Self Checking Flame Detector
• Non-phase sensitive
• Intermittent Pilot, Interrupted

Pilot or Direct Burner Ignition
• Multiple Ignition Attempts
• Digital Timing

• UV flame sensor
• USB Diagnostics interface
• Integral spark generator
• Other options available on
• Atmospheric or Fanned (with or without air proving)
• Air Proving (single pole contact)
• Volatile or Non-volatile Lockout
• Alarm Output
• Remote Reset (reset via switched neutral allowing several units to be connected to a common reset line)
• Front panel status (on/standby, lockout, flame)
• Front Panel On/Standby selector
• Front panel Reset
• IP44 housing
• -15 to +70°C operating range
• Separate base with wiring terminals
• CE Approval


IP40 housing, dimensions, H 120mm X L 112mm X W 75mm

CSi : General Technical specifications
Supply voltage                                      85-265V~
Supply frequency                                  50 / 60Hz
Phase relationship                                Phase sensitive - Earth bonding to Neutral supply required
Internal fuse                                         2A F
Power consumption                               <0.5VA
Loads at 0.6pf @ 230Vac:
Reset indicator                                     0.5A maximum
1st Stage gas valve                               1.0A maximum (where fitted)
Main gas valve                                     1.0A maximum (where fitted)
Spark Output                                        0.5A maximum
Total maximum load                              2A
Flame detection principle                       Flame Ionisation rectification
Maximum length of detection lead          1 Metre
Protection degree                                 IP54
Ambient temperature range                   -15°C to +70°C
Humidity                                               90% max. @ 40° C (non-condensing)
Mounting position                                  Not critical

CSi AMV: Variant Specific Information
Gas valve stages                                  1
Lock-out type                                        Volatile
Lock-out reset                                      Via on board reset switch/external reset switch (press for at least 2s)
Wait time (Tw)                                      2s  +/-10%
Safety time (Ts)                                    4s    +/-10%
Number of ignition attempts                   1
Flame sensitivity - detect                      >0.75uA
Flame sensitivity – drop-out                  <0.5uA
Flame pull-in time (PIT)                         < 1sec
Flame drop-out-time (DOT)                   < 1sec
Status Indicator                                    Flame LED (refer to Installation Instructions for operation)

Product Code 429007/V01