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WHB2 Water Heater Booster - take advantage of cheaper off peak electricity.


Water Heater Boost Timer WHB2

Consumers can take advantage of cheaper off peak electricity, and still have hot water on tap.

The Pactrol Water Heater Boost Timer (WHB2) enables you to obtain the full benefit of low cost off peak tariffs such as Economy 7 and White Meter, while giving you the facility of topping up your tank at any time during the day.

Main features

  1. Simple to operate.
  2. Tried and tested.
  3. Cannot be left on day rate supply accidentally.
  4. Cannot go out of sequence with off peak time clock.
  5. Easy to install.
  6. Automatic return to off peak supply.
  7. Power indicator lamp.
  8. Suitable for single or dual heater systems.


The control is mounted on a double insulated housing, 148 x 87 x 60 mm, and designed to meet the European, EMC and low voltage Directives.

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Product Code 404800