404700/V02 CSS 1 12S (V02) (CE)

Product code: 404700/V02
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***Pactrol Controls have made the commercial decision to no longer manufacture this product.***

***Once our stock has been sold this product will become Obsolete.***

A compact low cost fully automatic control with integral spark generator for atmospheric and small forced draught burners designed to meet GAD requirements.

This is a "Spares Only" Product for use in existing installations only

Full Sequence control with IP40 rated enclosure with integral spark generator

Probe Type: Single
Phase Sense: No
Voltage: 230V
Flame Sensitivity: 1 - 2 uA
Purge: 6 - 12 Seconds
Ignition: 6 - 12 Seconds
Rest Switch: None

CE Approved

Typical Applications
Commercial Boilers
Commercial Air Heaters
Radiant plaque Heaters
Commercial Water Heaters
Packaged Burners
Small Furnaces

Can be replaced the new Digital CSS 2 Pactrol Part number 429100/V01 CSS2 STV 01 - see link below

Product Code 404700/V02