402901 P16 TYPE D (CE)

Product code: 402901
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P16B/P16D Full Sequence Controls (FSC) provide automatic ignition and flame supervision for atmospheric and fanned gas appliances.


  • Fully automatic programming control.
  • Approved by BG plc to EN298 and some ANSI Standards
  • Models available for forced draught and atmospheric burners up to and beyond 60KW
  • RoHS Compliant

Ec Product Id: C87A01
Min Flame current: 2µA
Probe Type: Dual/Single
Phase sense: Yes
Purge Time (Tp): 12 - 14s
Ignition Time (Ts): 5 - 10s
Supply: 230V~
Hertz: 50
VA: 5


  • Radiant tube heating.
  • Commercial boilers.
  • Commercial air heaters.
  • Catering appliances.
  • Process heating.
  • Agricultural heaters. 


IP40 housing, dimensions, 140 x 100 x 54 mm,, 10 way plug in connection

Product Code 402901