403901 Weather Watcher including external sensor
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403901 Weather Watcher including external sensor
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Product Description

The Pactrol "Weather Watcher" automatically adjusts the amount of heat stored in an off-peak heating installation in response to changes in weather overnight. It can be used in conjunction with a suitable load-switching contactor to control storage radiators, fan assisted storage radiators, electricaire, or underfloor heating installations supplied with off-peak or white-meter electricity packages.

Once installed and adjusted correctly, it not only reduces electrical consumption, by delaying the storage of heat overnight in response to higher outside temperatures, it also helps to provide more comfortable living conditions, neither too hot, nor too cold.


Convenience. . .

The single-knob control turns off-peak heating into "central" heating. You no longer need to manually adjust all your radiators, the Weather Watcher does it for you!

Comfort. . .

Because the Weather Watcher automatically adjusts the heat stored in response to changes in weather it maintains your chosen comfort-conditions. It can even give you a touch of warmth when you wake up in a summer cold-snap.

Economy. . .

By providing just the right amount of heat at the most economical time, to give maximum comfort at minimum cost. In most cases, this means a reduction in consumption and tests have shown that this can be as high as 30%.

Simplicity. . .

Just one model, to suit new or existing installations with storage radiators, electricaire, or floorwarming, using any of the off-peak or white-meter tariffs, including Economy 7. Compact, easily fitted by a qualified electrician within a few hours, and no need to redecorate afterwards. Maintenance-free electronics at a price you can afford!


The control is assembled on a printed circuit panel which slots into the attractive moulded housing and is retained by a snap-on cover plate on which the connection details are printed. The edge of the p.c. panel locates in the socket-base to connect with the wiring terminals. The electronic circuits are protected by a fuse and a surge-arrestor. The outdoor sensor is housed in a small moulded housing. The construction of both sensor and controller is double insulated, Class II, and the outdoor housing is weather-proof when the cable gland is fitted.

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IP40 control housing, 100 x 95 x 63 mm. IP54 sensor housing

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